Friday, May 9, 2008

Hide & Seek


OH MY #6 said...

awesome and so sweet!


Scott and Sharon Ankerich said...

I found a precious little Li Li in the park ;-)... She is so cute and the pic is awesome!!!

kris said...

what a sweet photo :)

Briana's Mom said...

That was so great!

Happy Mother's Day to you!

redmaryjanes said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Chris & Deb said...

What an awesome video of Li Li! Happy Mother's Day Deb!

paige said...

oh my --you are too much!
i love that & the music too!!
loganville...that is the same strawberry patch we go to!
small world.
i'd love to whip out there ( only about 30 minutes from me) & hug your neck but saturday is insanely overscheduled as it is.....sigh.
call first & make sure they have enough to pick before you roadtrip!